We don't follow the curve. We define it.

e.Digital invented, patented and pioneered the foundational technologies that today allow your camcorder, cell phone, digital camera, voice recorder and numerous other multimedia devices to record information onto Flash memory cards… long before most of the world even knew what Flash memory was.

e.Digital developed the first solid state music player capable of playing what is now known as iTunes® formatted music… years before the first iPod®.

10 years before Apple’s Siri®, e.Digital created and introduced VoiceNav® technology allowing consumers to navigate and command portable media players using their voice.

Most people remember the first in-ear speaker/microphone devices sold by Jabra® Corporation but, what most people don’t know is, that e.Digital invented the underlying technology which was later sold to Jabra.

Nunchi...ahead of the curve? It's in our DNA.